Construction Services

Lease & Leaseback and School Construction.

For the greater good of the communities we serve, we are passionate about school building in California. The lease/leaseback delivery method marks a new paradigm in school construction with benefits ranging from cost savings to increased design flexibility. As a result of the lease/leaseback delivery method, California school districts save money on new school construction and communities realize smaller class sizes as a result of increasingly economical construction.

Carr’s Construction Service has successfully completed multiple Lease-Leaseback projects for California schools. Our experienced professionals have over 25+ years building schools using the standards of the public bidding process and understand the difficulty school districts experience trying to make a problematic system work within limited budgets and timelines. This project delivery method is of great value to school districts.

Features of Lease & Leaseback

This approach also offers owners the opportunity to:

  • Projects completed on-time

  • Projects completed on-budget

  • Facilitates architect-contractor-owner partnership

  • Facilitates project financing/funding requirements

  • Saves on the cost of constructing a building

  • Saves time

  • Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) set early during design

  • Encourages participation of local subcontractors

  • Identifiable track record

  • District has “best-value” contracting based on qualifications